plume [plo͞om]
[OFr < L pluma, downy part of a feather, small soft feather < IE base * pleus-, to pluck out, fluff of wool, hair > FLEECE]
a) a feather, esp. a large, fluffy, or showy one
b) a cluster of such feathers
2. an ornament made of a large feather or feathers, or of a feathery tuft of hair, esp. when worn on a hat, helmet, etc. as a mark of distinction
3. any token of worth or achievement; prize
4. plumage or down
5. something like a plume in shape or lightness [a plume of smoke]
6. Biol. a featherlike formation or part
7. Geol. a plume-shaped mass of molten rock that rises through the crust from the mantle of the earth and causes volcanic activity
plumed, pluming
1. to provide, cover, or adorn with plumes
a) to smooth the feathers of (itself)
b) to preen (its feathers): said of a bird
3. to pride (oneself)

English World dictionary. . 2014.